King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)

About INC

INC comes from Instrumentation and Control, which is a combination of two industrial-oriented fields in engineering. INC was a subfield in electrical engineering. However, since the high growth in demands of automation systems, INC department was established in 1992 and offer undergraduate and graduate degrees. The department comprises of elite faculty who are actively doing research in new technology. INC curriculum has a modern style, in that it is an integration of several engineering disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, electronic, computer, and industrial engineering in order to suit the demand of modern industry and business. Our curriculum emphasizes on automation systems where we design a machine that automatically perform jobs for or in place of humans. Based on today’s technology almost of these machines are controlled by computers. Therefore, using computers in industry is our main expertise. A good example of what we teach is the control of a robot system, where we use computer to command motors in a robot, processing sensors information to make the robot work intelligently. The principle of what we teach in our department can be described as follows.

Our system consists of a computer, which receives input data from an environment. The data can be image, speech, tactile data that are comparable to human senses of vision, ear, and skin. The computer processes these data according to the theory and sends outputs to control switches, motors to make them operate on the input received. The method to process data and how each component is connected together are key elements that are taught in our department. These techniques are an integration of several areas such as artificial intelligence, image processing, speech processing, etc.